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Re: Rosslyn, Virginia

I may have the answer to my own question.  I called the library in
Arlington, Va. and spoke to one Judy Knudsen who helpfully faxed me the
enclosed excerpt from "Why Do We Call It?" by the Arlington Historical
Society. I hope it transmits OK as I am new at this scanning business.  I am
afraid the answer is not very exciting.
Best regards,
David Sinclair

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> >Happy New Year cousins!
> >I seem to remember that Rosslyn means place near
> >a glen from reading about our Rosslyn.
> >
> >Does that describe the place?
> Actually, CIA best describes the place.
> However, nearby there is an Annandale, and other Scots names.
> It seems likely that the Rosslyn in Virginia is named after the
> one near Edinburgh.
> >Best wishes for 2000!
> >
> >Cheryl Sinclair
> >cheryls@digitalthink.com
> John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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