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new items in the web pages

Here is a brief update on new items in the web pages.

The new items in the past week are listed below. All of them may be
found by looking under New in

  * The Knights Templar have been a popular topic lately.
    For them we have a list of later Grandmasters and some
    controversy over it.  We also have what Niven calls the
    Templar Hymn, Non Nobis Domine by Rudyard Kipling, and
    two versions, English and Latin, of its source material,
    Psalm 115.  Plus the Templars page is now part of the
    Knights Templar Research Web Ring.

  * There is a new Clan Sinclair Australia, and the initial
    and additional announcements of it are in a web page,
    with links.

This one has been around for a few weeks now, but so everyone will
be aware of it:

  * I've added an online HTML archive of the Sinclair Discussion List.
    It lets you look through each thread of discussion separately.

Remember: these web pages were never intended to be the only Sinclair
web pages. They are more of an overview that should over time
increasingly use links into other pages elsewhere. Send in URLs for
your own web pages; I will add links to them.

If someone thinks any particular material should be in a web page, the
best thing to do is to send me text for what you think should appear.
For example, if you want your family to have a web page. (Note that
the appearace of such family web pages implies nothing about whether
or not any family or surname is a sept or allied family; that is a
decision for Clan organization people.) Or, even better, put it in
your own web page and send me a link.

Those of you who have sent in material that hasn't appeared in the web
pages yet, don't despair; I'll get to it as time permits.

The vast majority of the material in these web pages has been sent in
by various Sinclairs and others all over the world, many of them
through the Sinclair discussion list,

John S. Quarterman, jsq@mids.org
[ This is the Sinclair family discussion list, sinclair@mids.org
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