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Re: Book

Hello Lena

Sorry for my not responding to you sooner.  I had a lot of trouble with
my computer a few weeks ago, so finally I had to switch over from
Eudora to Netscape for my emails.  It works better, but I lost every-
thing (emails) prior to the change-over.  I'm afraid it's a temporary
fix, and a new computer is desperately needed.  This old Mac cannot be
trusted to do some of the tasks it used to.

I think I am almost the only Sinclair researcher in the Islay discus-
sion group, but I keep hoping someone new will join with Sinclair

I will send you a copy of one of the letters, which will also show you
the website address, I think all you have to do is send a Message 
saying "subscribe".

Let me know if you get on, OK?

Best regards,


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