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Re: new items in the web pages

now I'm pissed off and I just thought I'd share it with you...there are
about a half-dozen great used book stores in Halifax, Nova Scotia and
then another bunch scattered around...I'm a bit of a book nut and I like
original editions of certain books of interest...right now it's Sinclair
and Oak Island and related...

	Frederick Pohl wrote a pamphlet about Prince Henry Sinclair which was
published here in Nova Scotia in the early 50's...there aren't that many
around...it never ever shows up in the local used stores...there's one
in the Saint Mary's University Library, though...

	I walked into one of the lesser stores an hour ago that I'm rarely in
and asked if there were any Henry books...I'm looking for gifts for the
dozen or so people pilferring my library...

	The gentleman informed me that yesterday he sold this old Henry
Sinclair pamphlett from Pictou County in mint condition for $10.00!!!!! 


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