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Re: Grandmaster List, In support of Don, my Clansman

Dear Labehotierre,

In response to your second email of the day. Many thanks for your
sentiements and honest opinion. A search for truth is not influenced, I
hope, by Clan loyalty - except insofar as delineating the truth about clan
history serves the true interests of a clan. However, while I feel debate
and disagreement is healthy and aids the quest for truth, I do not think
that such debate is facilitated by bad language or personal insult - odium
theologicum wore out its welcome over a thousandyears ago. Attack the
argument, not the person is the logical response. My respected teachers
instilled in me the age old principle that lack of manners is never adequate
compensation for lack of intellect. Your support of Don's comments, while
well intentioned, could possibly benefit from a more mature revision.

Best wishes


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