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Re: Grandmaster List

Mon cher Labehotierre,


I regret to inform you that the alleged listof Gandsmasters in the Larmenius
document is entrely spurious. However, as I mentioned in my first posting on
this subject, there is a creditable form of transmssion of Templar thought
and tradition that is to be found in Scotland.  This is not restricted to
the St Clair connection via the guilds and laterfreemasonry, but can also be
found in private neo-masonic orders kept alive within the confines of
certain families,e.g. the Montgomeries. One way or another there are strong
indications that the order was kept alive in Scotland and later became
manifest in certain of the Templar degrees of Scoottish Freemasonry.

If there are any modern Templar orders with some degree of authentic
continuity with the original order, they too are to be found in Scotland.
howevere there is some dispute about this and, at the moment at least, I am
open-minded pending some degree of proof.

In order to assist your research, the adress of CERT is as follows:

Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Templieres
Boite Postale 42
11260 Esperaza

Tel. no. 00 33 4 68 74 01 30

incidentally they have a premanent exhibition at Campagne-sur-Aude
which is well worth visiting. The founder and president of the organisation
is Georges Kiess who has done some valuablework on authenticating Templar
sites in the region.

Best wishes


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