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Re: Grandmaster List, In support of Don, my Clansman

Dear Tim

Don, in shorthand, expressed his views in words that you and I would not
have chosen. The words did how ever adequately convey the message of
disbelief in an unsupported statement. The object of language is to convey
thought to one another. The Sinclair Clan reputation is strong enough to
withstand any test. Perhaps I miss the point, I fail to see how a discussion
on Templar Grandmasters would  reflect on our family. The point of all these
discussions is to find historical truth, if that is possible. Whilst I
admire your scholarship I do find that some of your writings require a “leap
of faith” that I am not prepared to make. Differing opinions do not make
adversaries however and I wish greater success in your quest for truth, what
ever it is.

Best regards


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