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Re: Grandmaster List

Cher Tim,

Nous pouvons échanger ou des renseignements ou des insultes. Je lirai les
références que vous avez envoyé. I have some previous publications they are
works on Banking (FT), some poetry in the 60ies (Prairie Schooner) and an
oddment from University days "How to Breed and raise Chinchillas" This
information is irrelevant.

It would appear that  the Document is in doubt. You on your view of the  of
evidence have chosen to refute the Document. Others have chosen to accept
and assert it, as you have pointed out. Who did the translation from Cipher?
How reliable was that?  I do not purport to be an academician the only thing
sought is the truth. I will supply further references, but the document is
not the issue.  The issue is did the Order die with deMolay or did the Order
and the Grandmasters continue? If the document in a fake that does not
refute the list of Grandmasters.


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