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Re: Australian Sinclairs!!

Milamba (Margaret)
I am interested in your thoughts for an Australian society. If you would care to email me at    sinclrig@netspace.net.au   with your own address i will respond.
I live in Melbourne.
Ian Sinclair
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From: milamba <milamba@milamba.com>
To: sinclair@mids.org <sinclair@mids.org>
Date: Tuesday, 23 November 1999 13:57
Subject: Australian Sinclairs!!

Hi John,

Where are you in Australia??  I'm in Melbourne, and have been desperately trying to find other Sinclairs here in Australia to help me form a Clan Association in Australia!!!  If you're interested let me know!!!! 

Margaret (Milamba)

At 06:46 AM 22/11/99 +1100, you wrote:
Following the introduction of this interesting aspect of our clan activities, by Annie of Queensland, I thought the attached page from the diary of my great great grandfather may be of interest.
There are other pages if anyone would like to read them.
Australia has a large population of Sinclairs, but unfortunately, no organisation to unite them under one umbrella.

John Sinclair McIntyre.