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Re: Chief Head Stone (of Scone?)

Dear  William,

SInce my husband and I visited the Stone in Edinburgh and Rosslyn Chapel
last year, I've been fascinated by the esoteric history and nature of that
part of the world.  I wish I had more ability of grasp the various levels
of meanings which I think are there, but require "years of study" to sink

The gnostic tradition embraces the Templars and their history, and I've
read a bit of that, on this list, as well as before I joined the list.  

Thank you for introducing deeper thinking into our list.  We can all profit
from stretching our minds out toward the edge.


At 10:18 PM 11/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear Sinclairs,
>RE the Stone line of discussion I've picked out an exerpt from one good
>reference to the general subject of the "Head Stone":
>"The Stone of Scone:
>It is called Jacob's Pillow. Jacob asked God for a sign as he put his head
>on a pillow stone. He had dreams and visions.   He kept the stone. It became
>a tribal treasure. God told Moses to strike the stone with his staff. Moses
>struck the Stone twice. For his disobedience he never saw the Promised Land.
>Water came from the stone for over two million people...."
>I'm not disagreeing with anything already said, I hope to add to it however.
>My comment is too technical to go into much detail so I'll just hit it
>lightly. Its "metaphysical" and I'm not trying to prove anything, just
>present another view to layer into the ongoing ideas.
>I am interested in sacred geometry as a form of "blueprinting" mental
>process ...complementary ideas or states of mind and being that work in
>holistic formats. The scripture is a detailed manual for this which also
>integrates the ethics of any specific format into the energetic forms
>...providing the Hebrew is used in a spiritual context, forget the English.
>The Hebrew alphabet is a coded system. The letter "resh" (#200) is
>translated "Chief Head Stone" and the letter was drawn as a head (left
>profile) in the original protosiniatic style of hieroglyphics before block
>letters. Meanings remain the same. The Templars apparently used Hebrew as a
>form of spiritual communication and used a geometric grid system that was
>controlled by a specific pole called the "Resh"; the ability to operate this
>system demanded that the operators be "of the Resh, of the Christ or Chief
>Head Stone." (1 Pe 2:1-10; Ps 118:18-23 are examples.) The grid, called the
>"Reshel", is very complex and its operation has taken me several years of
>study to even begin to penetrate.
>A large 28 mile diameter land grid around Edinburgh uses the format and we
>find Templar towers, chapels, etc. in key poles. Rosslyn Chapel is the
>controlling Resh pole in the system. The Edinburgh Matrix is a primary  part
>of a much larger system covering Europe. The much earlier St. Columba also
>used this system with as much understanding as the later Sinclair Templars
>and also included the Edinburgh Matrix in his larger application, apparently
>including the Rosslyn site.
>The purpose of this system was not to control people but rather to
>facilitate spiritual processes in higher levels and with more efficiency
>(economy of right kinds of energy, consciousness). Its use was secret so
>nothing was written; I can offer no references. One of the processes was to
>"shift reality frames" by something called an "L-shift"; this technology
>gets into definitions of time continua as well as other dimensions.
>BASICALLY it creates a "horizontal" reality then does a 90 degree shift
>(golden ratio math is used). Scripture is full of this but its somewhat
>coded ...the "Head Stone becoming the Corner" is one example that also
>notes the "gates" used (the Ps 118 ref.).
>The "head stone" or pillow stone of Jacob's is erected (an L shift) into a
>pillar called "Bethel" or Temple of God. Angels used it to get "from there
>to here" symbolically. Nathaniel was the same functional operator in the
>synergistic holistic unity of the 12 disciples (John 1:43-51). You might
>begin to see how this thing is used. For every sacred form there is a
>Pillar/tube of light connective ..."above as below", etc... with its own
>mechanics within a temple-of-12 format. So the Resh pole is related to a
>pillar, in Rosslyn the two main pillars: Boaz and Yah-chen. The whole of
>Rosslyn becomes the base or 90 degree hinge point for Edinburgh's system but
>Rosslyn has its own internal grid that is the same as Edinburgh's.
>Within the Rosslyn Chapel the main altar is the "Lady Altar" on the main
>axis but in the Lady Chapel beyond the Mari Pillar, eastward of it.
>Continuing on the main axis we find the resh pole in the L shaped crypt, in
>the small room properly called the Sacristy. The Resh pole in the L, on the
>axis, is the real Chief Corner Stone of the Chapel in the spiritual context
>of its being the Christ's altar. When the energetic pole centering this
>Christos half of the system is moved into the point of the Lady Altar
>(Mystic Marriage) the geometry then permits the Christos' resh pole or
>"Stone" to pivot into (or under) the two Pillars of Boaz and Yah-chen.
>This specific position is the fully active mode of the Reshel grid and to my
>own way of thinking the creation of the REAL Head of Christ or the Head
>Stone related to the two pillars. You can appreciate that the average
>tourist is not going to be able to activate this system except as 1 Peter
>2:1-10 applies. This is not just some ancient system; Clan Sinclair once had
>the technology as well as the state of consciousness and being needed to
>bring the system on line. I believe that the Clan, and humanity, still has
>the potential and the system itself is time-less ...just sitting there
>ticking over.
>There are clear applications of the above re the sacred Stone (throne) used
>to coronate the monarch. The priests would ensure that the Stone was charged
>with the aspects of the Kingdom and the coronation would then transfer the
>aspects into and as the monarch. The monarch literally became the land and
>people. If the kingdom was sick, we had a "Lame King" with a vested interest
>in getting the place healthy again. (This assumes that the priests were
>competent to begin with.) The best example of this stone throne that I've
>seen is at Rennes Les Bains in southern France in the Languedoc, Rennes le
>Chateau Matrix. It has the correct Hebrew letters/glyphs inscribed in it
>(ignore the carved graffiti) and a sacred well by it. In Edinburgh, on a
>larger scale, "Arthur's Seat" in the Holy-Rood is the same for a larger
>kingdom grid. Scotlands' governmental buildings are connected with it. In
>effect, if Scotland decided to come on line with Christic principles it
>would have the machinery in place to have effect on the Planet-Kingdom. If
>one understood the applied mechanics of the grid system and Arthur's Seat an
>interesting history of Scotland's troubles ...the "Lame King"... could be
>developed. N
>Blessings Be...
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