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Chief Head Stone (of Scone?)

Dear Sinclairs,

RE the Stone line of discussion I've picked out an exerpt from one good
reference to the general subject of the "Head Stone":

"The Stone of Scone:
It is called Jacob's Pillow. Jacob asked God for a sign as he put his head
on a pillow stone. He had dreams and visions.   He kept the stone. It became
a tribal treasure. God told Moses to strike the stone with his staff. Moses
struck the Stone twice. For his disobedience he never saw the Promised Land.
Water came from the stone for over two million people...."

I'm not disagreeing with anything already said, I hope to add to it however.
My comment is too technical to go into much detail so I'll just hit it
lightly. Its "metaphysical" and I'm not trying to prove anything, just
present another view to layer into the ongoing ideas.

I am interested in sacred geometry as a form of "blueprinting" mental
process ...complementary ideas or states of mind and being that work in
holistic formats. The scripture is a detailed manual for this which also
integrates the ethics of any specific format into the energetic forms
...providing the Hebrew is used in a spiritual context, forget the English.

The Hebrew alphabet is a coded system. The letter "resh" (#200) is
translated "Chief Head Stone" and the letter was drawn as a head (left
profile) in the original protosiniatic style of hieroglyphics before block
letters. Meanings remain the same. The Templars apparently used Hebrew as a
form of spiritual communication and used a geometric grid system that was
controlled by a specific pole called the "Resh"; the ability to operate this
system demanded that the operators be "of the Resh, of the Christ or Chief
Head Stone." (1 Pe 2:1-10; Ps 118:18-23 are examples.) The grid, called the
"Reshel", is very complex and its operation has taken me several years of
study to even begin to penetrate.

A large 28 mile diameter land grid around Edinburgh uses the format and we
find Templar towers, chapels, etc. in key poles. Rosslyn Chapel is the
controlling Resh pole in the system. The Edinburgh Matrix is a primary  part
of a much larger system covering Europe. The much earlier St. Columba also
used this system with as much understanding as the later Sinclair Templars
and also included the Edinburgh Matrix in his larger application, apparently
including the Rosslyn site.

The purpose of this system was not to control people but rather to
facilitate spiritual processes in higher levels and with more efficiency
(economy of right kinds of energy, consciousness). Its use was secret so
nothing was written; I can offer no references. One of the processes was to
"shift reality frames" by something called an "L-shift"; this technology
gets into definitions of time continua as well as other dimensions.
BASICALLY it creates a "horizontal" reality then does a 90 degree shift
(golden ratio math is used). Scripture is full of this but its somewhat
coded ...the "Head Stone becoming the Corner" is one example that also
notes the "gates" used (the Ps 118 ref.).

The "head stone" or pillow stone of Jacob's is erected (an L shift) into a
pillar called "Bethel" or Temple of God. Angels used it to get "from there
to here" symbolically. Nathaniel was the same functional operator in the
synergistic holistic unity of the 12 disciples (John 1:43-51). You might
begin to see how this thing is used. For every sacred form there is a
Pillar/tube of light connective ..."above as below", etc... with its own
mechanics within a temple-of-12 format. So the Resh pole is related to a
pillar, in Rosslyn the two main pillars: Boaz and Yah-chen. The whole of
Rosslyn becomes the base or 90 degree hinge point for Edinburgh's system but
Rosslyn has its own internal grid that is the same as Edinburgh's.

Within the Rosslyn Chapel the main altar is the "Lady Altar" on the main
axis but in the Lady Chapel beyond the Mari Pillar, eastward of it.
Continuing on the main axis we find the resh pole in the L shaped crypt, in
the small room properly called the Sacristy. The Resh pole in the L, on the
axis, is the real Chief Corner Stone of the Chapel in the spiritual context
of its being the Christ's altar. When the energetic pole centering this
Christos half of the system is moved into the point of the Lady Altar
(Mystic Marriage) the geometry then permits the Christos' resh pole or
"Stone" to pivot into (or under) the two Pillars of Boaz and Yah-chen.

This specific position is the fully active mode of the Reshel grid and to my
own way of thinking the creation of the REAL Head of Christ or the Head
Stone related to the two pillars. You can appreciate that the average
tourist is not going to be able to activate this system except as 1 Peter
2:1-10 applies. This is not just some ancient system; Clan Sinclair once had
the technology as well as the state of consciousness and being needed to
bring the system on line. I believe that the Clan, and humanity, still has
the potential and the system itself is time-less ...just sitting there
ticking over.

There are clear applications of the above re the sacred Stone (throne) used
to coronate the monarch. The priests would ensure that the Stone was charged
with the aspects of the Kingdom and the coronation would then transfer the
aspects into and as the monarch. The monarch literally became the land and
people. If the kingdom was sick, we had a "Lame King" with a vested interest
in getting the place healthy again. (This assumes that the priests were
competent to begin with.) The best example of this stone throne that I've
seen is at Rennes Les Bains in southern France in the Languedoc, Rennes le
Chateau Matrix. It has the correct Hebrew letters/glyphs inscribed in it
(ignore the carved graffiti) and a sacred well by it. In Edinburgh, on a
larger scale, "Arthur's Seat" in the Holy-Rood is the same for a larger
kingdom grid. Scotlands' governmental buildings are connected with it. In
effect, if Scotland decided to come on line with Christic principles it
would have the machinery in place to have effect on the Planet-Kingdom. If
one understood the applied mechanics of the grid system and Arthur's Seat an
interesting history of Scotland's troubles ...the "Lame King"... could be
developed. N

Blessings Be...

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