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Thanks, Annie!

Thanks for all that information, Annie.  Yes, I would love to have you 
keep an eye out for my husband's people in the goldfields region.  They 
aren't SINCLAIRs, though.  It is Daniel Dee HYDE (arrived Aus. April 
1854) and he married Elizabeth Louisa VENTRIS (arrived Aus. May, 1953) 
who died there in 1863 (after producing 3 children) and is buried in 
Castlemaine.  He lists his occupation variously as a tinsmith (which he 
did much later when he came to New Zealand) and waiter, but I am sure he 
was mining.  I may get someone to look up his application for me, so YES 
PLEASE, I would love you to send me the list of researchers when you are 
able to. 


Suzanne (Jaeckel) Sinclair
(Auckland, New Zealand now, but Kansas, USA before!) 
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