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Hugh de Payen

labehotierre stated below

>The first gift of Land to the Templers was due to the wife of Hugh de = Payen,
Count de Champagne, Catharine Sinclair. Guillaume de Tyre a = Templer Historian
recorded the founding 70 years after the event.  = Guillaume gives the founding
date as 1118 when the King of Jerusalem = (Baudoin I) younger brother  Godfroi
de Bouillon announced to the King = of the formation of the Order.

Hugh de Payen and his principal co-founder of the order, Andre de = Montbard,
travelled to England to see the King and, having obtained = safe-conduct from
him, went directly north across the border to = Scotland, where the two knights
stayed at Roslyn with the St Clairs, who = were Hugh's relatives by marriage.
The lord of Roslyn made an immediate = grant of land to the new order which
became their headquarters in = Scotland. The oldest Templar site in Scotland,
once known as = Ballontrodoch, is now called Temple after the order.<

Are you stating here that Guillaume de Tyre makes reference to the marrage of
Hugh and Catherine? Guillaume de Tyre was a notoriously inaccurate chronlcler
of Templar History, even accepting this I'd be interested in a more accurate
statement as to where it is mentioned.

I was under the impression that there was no proof for the claim that Hugh de
Payen was married to anyone far less to Catherine Sinclair. I also thought that
Knights templar were supposed to be unmarried an celibate. I would be extremely
pleased if someone could give me a reference for this claim and for the claim
that Hugh visited Roslin.



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