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A helpful hint

Dear Cousins,

Now since a certain percentage of you fought the crowds this weekend to get
the jump on shopping and the rest of us are still facing the challenge
ahead,  I would like to make a suggestion that I'm sure those on your
shopping list will really enjoy and you won't have to leave your chair to
shop for it.

Why not give a membership to the Clan Sinclair USA or Canada.   Some of
those last minute stocking stuffers end up costing much more but just
eventually collect dust on a shelf.  A membership will keep reminding your
loved ones of you throughout the year and keep them connected with their
roots.  Even for the children this is a good idea because often there are
articles directed towards this age group.  You can also read the pamphlets
that come with the USA membership (don't know what the other groups might
provide?) to your children.  I firmly believe, with your input, they will
soon gain an interest in history in general.

With your membership in Clan Sinclair USA you will receive these excellent
pamphlets written by former Clan Genealogist Pete Cummings and others:

The Remarkable Prince Henry Sinclair-- (this is the premiere story about the
most famous Sinclair)
The Westford Knight)
The Zeno Narrative-(you will want to understand the connection of Prince
Henry Sinclair to the Zeno's so that you can follow the story of Niven's
trip to Venice in December.)
Newport Tower-(Niven and others were involved in trying to get permission to
place a plaque at this site.  Fine out why this is important)
Sinclair Footprints in North America-(contains sketches and explanation of 6
proofs of Prince Henry's trip to NA)
Rosslyn Chapel, Knights Templar, & Freemasonry-(sketches and history of
Rosslyn Castle and Chapel)
Alas, poor Columbus! Sinclair beat you to it by John Knox--(article
explaining how Columbus had fore- knowledge of Prince Henry's trip.)
You will find more articles about Prince Henry beginning to appear as I get
to them, on the HISTORY link from www.clansinclairusa.org    Why not print
these off for your kids and grandchildren and help them to make a booklet of
their early history and then add that of your line to it.

Also your membership will place your name on the rolls of your local State
commissioner or Regional Commissioner who may also send you quarterly
information about local Sinclair happenings and Highland games information
in your area.

Why not consider this gift that will connect your far flung relatives to you
in a new way.  It is easy, just print out this form:
If you don't have a printer, just copy by hand the necessary information and
send it in.

For membership in Canada, Nova Scotia or Scotland:

In the next publications from these three groups there will be much
information from our Chief Malcolm Caithness that you won't want to miss.
His message will probably be repeated on www.clansinclairusa.org but those
relatives of yours around the world without web access will be left our of
the circle of information.

Portland, OR

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