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Christian Johnson


I sent this to someone who signed as "Sinclair" to the address of
Behottiere@aol.com and it was returned.  Would someone on the list know how
to contact this person and pass the message along, please?  This is what I

Hello again:

I corresponded with you around the end of August about Christian Johnson
married to Laurence Sinclair.  You replied on Aug. 25th with:  "Christian
Johnson - Sure this is only chance but on the rolls of executed people in
Scotland the name Christian Johnson 29/12/1813 appears.  She was from St.

Then the next day you sent: "Christian Sinclair nee Johnson from island off
mainland of Scotland was transported to her execution on mail packet,
presently in Normandy can not supply exact document number but the Scottish
public record office listed all executions from 1750 until we ended this
barbaric custom.  I have the list in London and will send to you text
extract and reference after Bank Holiday".

After that I never heard from you again.  Could I please bother you and ask
you to send any information you have on her to me please?  I would really
appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,
Kathy.              owlshoot@axion.net

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