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Re: Our Clans Duty

Oh..Ok..Let's do lunch...

Rob Cohn wrote:
> The references to the rough pie-in-the-sky numbers are more in
> reference to an internet site than TV...it can cost that much to set
> soemthing up, especially with 3d flythroughs of some very detailed
> buildings...a flythrough of Rosslyn alone could cost that much - none of
> the experts can tell me from the book, video and photographs...they all
> need to stand in it to give me a price...
>         My theory is pretty simple - most people interested in Rosslyn can't
> get there all of the time...a flythrough enables one to visit the chapel
> anytime - go anywhere in it they wish and examine in detail any object
> they wish...from any perspective...I happen to think that would be a
> valuable research tool...it should also greatly reduce wear and tear on
> Rosslyn - in a few years I think it may be difficult to get in because
> of the line-ups...
>         I do some work in film and tv and I don't do lunch...I am fairly
> cyncial about TV people, entertainment people in general and New
> Yorkers...(should I add curlers and geneologists to my list?)...but they
> make money...
>         When I set up the East Coast Music Awards I learned a lot about rights
> and intellectual property...there is a black community in Halifax which
> is currently in the process of copyrighting the name Africville, their
> community which was bulldozed into Bedford Basin 30 years ago by our
> city fathers...The community is being used in plays, songs, etc and the
> Africville Geneological Society is moving so that it cannot be used
> without permission...or sometimes - payment...
>         I suspect that Niven continues to aid the creation of TV and books on
> or around the Sinclairs, but that still does not preclude rights or
> residual payments to the Clan, or especially a contact page in any book
> with contribution information or a bumper on any TV show telling people
> where to send their donations...and a web address on everything...
>         Other people sometimes make money on TV, and only sometimes...but that
> doesn't preclude the Clan from making money on their own name...and TV
> is marketing...
>         But I couldn't conceive of any way to make $12 million off TV right
> now...not over lunch anyway - the main revenue should be generated
> through the internet...well, that and donations...
>         Sell the books, sell Scotland, Norway, Nova Scotia, U.S., France
> Sinclair site travel packages; sell recordings, Rory's bagpipe music
> downloadable, sell his bagpipes for God's sake...Sinclair spoons, kilts,
> photo's and the videos...little, Castle Mey Replica's, books of
> geneology, artwork inspired by, replicas of Henry's Ship...
>         You don't have to sell Holy Grail pencil sharpeners, Head of God
> paperweights, or Apprentice Pillar marital aids...if you do it right,
> you can keep these things off the market...
>         If marketed properly many many people will look at the site and you can
> also sell ads...you can sell ads to publishers promoting books and to
> broadcasters broadcasting...
>         Maybe the TV and site don't make all of the money, maybe they just draw
> enough attention to get the donations...but I believe in the theory...
>                         cheers,
>                                 rob
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