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Re: Copyright et al

Greeting and Toasts to the members;
I just wanted to add a bit on the copyright issues and genealogy. Amber Dalakas was on the mark when she pointed out that the data or facts are not subject of copyright while the expression of those facts is a subject matter of copyright. Now I do not get professionally ulcerated very much on genealogical copyright because the commercial value is nominal and content highly personal. '
I also suggest that there are two major international conventions recognized by law that help our appreciation when it comes to identifying proprietary issues. They have to be followed, to even begin to establish copyright and the internet is a new territory depending on the country of hosting, and retreival location. So I am not sure that the interest and concern is legal as much as ethical and practical.
I have met some professional genealogists over the list, Karen Matheson, Wanda Sinclair, Jean Grimbsy to mention 3 who have very strong credentials in genealogy and offer directly or indirectly personalized search and retrevial services and who put a lot of their heart and soul documenting information so that it is available for public and/or private consumption. The work that these individuals do from time and energy is expensive and sharing it is at times even more expensive. Ethically I suggest that our generation and the generation to come will be greatly indebted to these type of individuals that have spent so much of their lives documenting the history of lives lived and loved. May I suggest that when gifts are given they are and should be returned. There is a difference between exchanging information and simply consuming information. Riding on the coat tails of anothers efforts is without value. Investing in the collection and distribution of information is of value. Just a thought.
Neil Sinclair