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Re: Our Clans Duty

>Well John..I saw..."1 mil up front gets you 12 mil..." and  "secure TV
>rights" ... I figured that was on the way to "let's do lunch" and "my
>people will call your people..."  Just a bit'o fun, J...Kinship, Gordon

Apparently you haven't been dealing with the Internet industry lately.
Venture capitalists that fund Internet startups now want 10 to 20 times
return on their investment before they will even consider a deal.  Why?
Because that's what they've actually been getting in the past few years.
Every VC wants to fund the next amazon.com.

Don't worry; Sinclair information probably wouldn't qualify as an
Internet startup, if for no other reason that $1M is way too small;
VCs aren't interested in anything less than $5-10M first round investment.

At least I don't think so; one can never tell, as fast as VC fads change.

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