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Re: Our Clans Duty

The references to the rough pie-in-the-sky numbers are more in
reference to an internet site than TV...it can cost that much to set
soemthing up, especially with 3d flythroughs of some very detailed
buildings...a flythrough of Rosslyn alone could cost that much - none of
the experts can tell me from the book, video and photographs...they all
need to stand in it to give me a price...

	My theory is pretty simple - most people interested in Rosslyn can't
get there all of the time...a flythrough enables one to visit the chapel
anytime - go anywhere in it they wish and examine in detail any object
they wish...from any perspective...I happen to think that would be a
valuable research tool...it should also greatly reduce wear and tear on
Rosslyn - in a few years I think it may be difficult to get in because
of the line-ups...

	I do some work in film and tv and I don't do lunch...I am fairly
cyncial about TV people, entertainment people in general and New
Yorkers...(should I add curlers and geneologists to my list?)...but they
make money...

	When I set up the East Coast Music Awards I learned a lot about rights
and intellectual property...there is a black community in Halifax which
is currently in the process of copyrighting the name Africville, their
community which was bulldozed into Bedford Basin 30 years ago by our
city fathers...The community is being used in plays, songs, etc and the
Africville Geneological Society is moving so that it cannot be used
without permission...or sometimes - payment...

	I suspect that Niven continues to aid the creation of TV and books on
or around the Sinclairs, but that still does not preclude rights or
residual payments to the Clan, or especially a contact page in any book
with contribution information or a bumper on any TV show telling people
where to send their donations...and a web address on everything...

	Other people sometimes make money on TV, and only sometimes...but that
doesn't preclude the Clan from making money on their own name...and TV
is marketing...

	But I couldn't conceive of any way to make $12 million off TV right
now...not over lunch anyway - the main revenue should be generated
through the internet...well, that and donations...

	Sell the books, sell Scotland, Norway, Nova Scotia, U.S., France
Sinclair site travel packages; sell recordings, Rory's bagpipe music
downloadable, sell his bagpipes for God's sake...Sinclair spoons, kilts,
photo's and the videos...little, Castle Mey Replica's, books of
geneology, artwork inspired by, replicas of Henry's Ship...

	You don't have to sell Holy Grail pencil sharpeners, Head of God
paperweights, or Apprentice Pillar marital aids...if you do it right,
you can keep these things off the market...

	If marketed properly many many people will look at the site and you can
also sell ads...you can sell ads to publishers promoting books and to
broadcasters broadcasting...

	Maybe the TV and site don't make all of the money, maybe they just draw
enough attention to get the donations...but I believe in the theory...

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