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Re: Our Clans Duty

The clan system is patriarchal rather than feudal.  The Normans had
developed the feudal
system to it’s apogee.  The system was never fully imposed on Scotland.  We
are a nation of
clans.  The clan has it’s mainspring in the Celtic essence of kindness, a
mix of kinship, blood
and tradition lost in the soup of pre history.

It is the chief who lit the fiery cross that led us into battle. In peace he
settled our quarrels,
both grand and petty. It is the duty of the clan and of our blood, to follow
where the chief
leads. Our duty is by ancient tradition rather than by any King given feudal
charter or legal
mumbo jumbo. In War and in Peace the chief’s duty to us is a clear as our
duty to him.  He
leads we follow.  All of us who bear the chief’s name believe that we are,
and we often are,
descended for the from the same ancients who bore his name wore ours with

The clan lands belong by Highland tradition to our chief. Our current chief
has preserved for
us and our progeny the remains of the once proud stronghold of Grinigoe and
Sinclair castles.
The current the 44th Earl of Caithness, the Right Honourable Malcolm Ian
Sinclair, Privy
Councillor to Her Majesty, the Queen, the distillation of one thousand years
of our forefathers,
to whom we are all related in some way, however distantly has decided that
ruins of the
castles and the environs of Noss Head be made available to all of our kith
and kin.

Our duty is clear, our chief has decreed it, he has established a charitable
trust, registered it
with the British government.  Now it up to us. We need to raise eight to
twelve million dollars
to preserve our unique heritage. How do we do this? Post all ideas, all
dreams and most all
practical suggestions.  A long journey begins with a single step. what an
exciting journey to be a part of


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