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RE: Looking for Great Great Uncle

Do you happen to have anything on the John Sinclair 543 ? If he married
a Isabella GOW from Perth then we have a link between our families.The
John I have was born about 1834/5.It would be of great help.
                        Thank you,Bill

TO: Donald Sinclair

I have the following info on your people (more info on the ones with a + 

Rexdale, Ontario

Duncan1 SINCLAIR. He married Mary McGREGOR. She was the daughter of 
 ________ McGREGOR. Mary died after 1822, and was buried in Glengyle?, 
They had 3 children:
	535.	F	i.	Isabella SINCLAIR. She married  ________ THOMPSON.  Notes for 
					Settled in the Mcnab Township.
	536.	F	ii.	Mary SINCLAIR, born 12 May 1771 in Callander Parish, Glengyle, 
					Her descendants are the Carmichaels of the Ottawa District.
	+ 537.	M	iii.	John SINCLAIR, christened 7 Mar 1785.
 NOTES for Duncan:
RESIDENCE: Perthshire, Scotland
REFERENCE: A Brief Historical & Genealogical Sketh of the Sinclair Family, 
By Maria McBain? Sinclair.

537. John2 SINCLAIR (Duncan1) was born in Portneldan, and was christened 7 
Mar 1785 in Callandar Parish, Scotland. He was the son of Duncan SINCLAIR 
and Mary McGREGOR. He married Catherine FERGUSON.
They had 7 children:
	+ 538.	M	i.	Duncan SINCLAIR, born 10 Jun 1817.
	+ 539.	F	ii.	Mary SINCLAIR.
	540.	M	iii.	Donald SINCLAIR.
					Went to the gold diggings in Australia, & accumlated considerable 
money to return to Canada & purchased land in the Ottawa Valley.
	541.	M	iv.	Peter SINCLAIR.
	542.	F	v.	Janet SINCLAIR.
	543.	M	vi.	John SINCLAIR.
	544.	M	vii.	Malcolm SINCLAIR.
					Died a young man attending College.
 NOTES for John:
REFERENCE: Kirk Session of Callandar Parish, August 1802  Historical Sketch 
of Chatham Township  By Duncan Sinclair, D.L.S.  Sailed for America in 1817 
RESIDENCE: Monteal for 7 years  Chatham Township, Argentineil County, Lower 
MILITARY: served as a major in the Rebellion of 1837.

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Subject:	Looking for Great Great Uncle

Looking for possible connection to Donald Sinclair, son of John and 
Catherine (Nee Ferguson) Sinclair, who went to gold diggings in Austrailia 
approximately 1839 to 1870, when he returned to Ottawa, Canada.

Great, Great Uncle of Donald H. Sinclair son of Wilbur H.C. Sinclair of 
Swan River, Manitoba, Canada.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Donald H. Sinclair

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