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Re: St. Clair in IOWA--1900 Census, Franklin County, Reeve

Great to hear from you. This discussion thread started with a chance 
encounter with  [A---unreadable on census film] St. Clair, his two sisters, 
and his four children recorded in Reeve township, 1900 census, Iowa and an 
open inquiry to the Sinclair lists.  Anyone know them?  What resources do we 
know about?

Barb Kyler was right there: yes, her family.  A is Agustine St. Clair, 
descended from long line of Sinclairs that trace back through New York, 
Vermont, etc.  Her site takes it back to 1500s.  Very inspiring to see that 
much detail across such a wide time range.

Now, from Paul, we hear of St. Clairs in Muscatine--other side of state, 
right on Illinois border--presumably a different St. Clair/Sinclair line in 

Anyway, FOR ANYONE JUST STARTING IN IOWA [and presumably seeing this in the 
list archives]: apparently two St. Clair lines mentioned here; plus, one 
recorded earlier in our discussion archives re: John Sinclair.  Anyone have 
more to add to enrich the "Iowa base of information," and an apparently 
growing network of potential contacts for more information, in our discussion 
list archives storehouse of information regarding Sinclair/St. Clair in Iowa?

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