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Pulsing through all of our veins.

After reading some of this weekend's banter, I was reminded of a personality 
profile I scored in a class in college. I have found many Sinclairs with this 
same personality. Does any of this sound familier with regards to Curling and 
sharing Geneology information?

Result oriented people display a self confidence that some may interpret as 
arrogance. We actively seek opportunities that test and develop our ablities 
to accomplish results. We like difficult tasks, competitive situations, 
unique assignments, and important positions. We undertake responsibilites 
with an air of "I'll do it" and when we have finished, we say "I told you I 
could do it". We are forcefull and direct, prize our independence, and may 
have difficulties with others. We are quick in thought and action, and very 
impatient with those who are not. In our uncompromising drive for results, we 
may appear blunt and uncaring. 

By the way, I found Rob's decsription of his homeland very entertaining. His 
work reminds me of Dave Barry.

Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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