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Looking for Great Great Uncle

You appear to have the same information I have.  This Maria McBain Sinclair was my grandfather's sister-in-law.  My grandfather supplied a lot of the information for her writings.  I have a two cent stamped envelop.  (1921) with three or four pages that survived the years to make this writeup.(1922).  Who did you get your information from?
In one place in the letters Maria McBain Sinclair is asking my grandfather to write someone to get more information about this Mary.  No one seems to be able to trace her.  I have some of Duncan's letters (1853) and later, plus a surveyors compass, about 3 1/2 - 4 inch that sits on a tripod.(Brass).
This may be of no value to you as you may already have this information.  Duncan Sinclair's wife, Mary McGregor was the daughter of elder son of Lieutenant Colonel McGregor in the Scottish army of James VII.  Wife was a Campbell of Glenfallock, a younger son was father of Rob Roy McGregor Campbell and this Mary McGregor was a cousin of Rob Roy the famous outlaw.  I have a military researcher working on some of this stuff.  Laughie Sinclair is the fellow we would like to get a trace of, he had some of John's personal effects.
Thank you for your reply,
Donald H. Sinclair
Swan River, Manitoba, Canada