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Re: Scottish occurances & "Lost Ark of the Covenant"

Dear Laurel & all,
> One of the callers mentioned a person with Sinclair ancestry but with a
> Bruce name that had made a search for the Ark of the Covenant.  Anyone know
> who that might be?  
This sounds like the Bruce Burgess video version of  "the search for the ark
of the covenant THE LOST
ARK"   A "Hollywood movie styled version".  The following is printed on the
back of the carton: --  
Approx. 50 minutes.   A co -production of Transmedia Productions and Dandelion
 Distributions.  Program 1997 DD Video.  Packaging 1998 Acorn Media
Publishing, Inc. Bethesda, MD  <www.acornmedia.com>   

The Ark of the Covenant -built to God's precise instructions by Moses on Mount
Sinai to protect the stone tablets upon which the Ten Commandmets were
engraved - is one of the world's most prized historical treasures.  So how
could such a priceless artifact vanish without a trace?  Where could it have

Using new scientific evidence and painstaking detective work, journalist 
Bruce Burgess travels the world in search of the Ark.  His facinating quest
ventures from the Great Pyramid of Giza to the ancient tunnels under
Jerusalem, and from the lost monasyeries of Ethiopia to the hills of
I bought this from <amazon.com/videos> in May 1999.  Yesterday, by coincidence
<amazon.com/videos> sent me an Email saying that another "The Ark of the
Covenant" video which was back ordered months ago was on it's way!  I am not
sure if I will have to return it until I see it.  This is confusing because I
have two other "The Ark of the Covenant " videos which were purchased from
other sourses and are both originals. 
"In Search of the Holy Grail"  This very much the same as above from a
different author/presenter.   MUST HAVE FOR YOUR COLLECTION.   Great
photography.   72 minutes
"The Crusader Road to Jerusalem"    You will see the Belgium castle of Godfrey
de Bouillon!   78 minutes
Both by Frank M. Klicar from  Megamark Productions, 5933 Hillcrest Court,
Downers Grove, IL 60516   Call 1-800-585-2898  <www. para-net.com/~megamark>
Please visit the www. page for more information (or see my attachment).
My personal favorite is this one - because it dovetails with the book, "the
SIGN and the SEAL"  by Graham Hancock!
A four vol. set entitled "THE HOLY QUEST - In Search of Biblical Relics"  See
#6529 "THE QUEST FOR THE LOST ARK OF THE COVENANT".  45 minutes (seems
longer)   Copyright 1996 Newbridge Communications, Inc. Call 1-800-275-5126
or 609-275-1400   The following is printed on the back of the carton: --  

"... this film follows the travels of British journalist and author Graham
Hancock in his search for traces of the lost Ark of the Covenant.  The Ark is
believed to contain the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments that God gave
to Moses.  Hancock follows the trail of the Ark through Israel, Egypt, and
the Nile Valley, Ethiopia, until his meeting with the only person who may see
and touch it: Tesfa Mariam, Guardian of the Ark.  According to Hancock, who
has been obsessed with his search for the past 13 years, the Ark remains
secretly preserved today somewhere in Axum, the Holy City of Ethiopia."

My comments:  Graham Hancock often describes how "white men" Knights Templar
visit and construct buildings/churches? in this Ethiopian country before the
time of Columbus (of course!).  You will see this evidence yourself and you
will be completely amazed!  Some of this is shown in Frank Klicar's
production "In Search of the Holy Grail", too!

If anyone knows of still another "Lost Ark" video, please pass it along to me.

Sincerely Yours, 
Gerald Bruce Gibbons


An ancient mystery revealed!! Was there ever an object called the Holy Grail? Many 
modern investigators say yes! Travel first to Jerusalem during the Crusades and learn 
of the powerful military order known as the Knights Templar, the supposed keepers of 
the Grail. Then, off to Britain and hear the real story of King Arthur and visit the 
remarkable Tor of Glastonbury where some say the cup of the Last Supper is buried. 
Then to southern France to explore the mysterious village of Rennes-le-Chateau and its 
bizarre church of the Magdelene. What secret did a simple village priest uncover that 
day in 1891 that made him a millionaire? Was it the lost treasure of the Cathar hertics 
which may have included the Grail? Finally, we journey to Egypt and travel up the 
Nile to its source at Lake Tana in Ethiopia. Here, in a remote village on the Horn of 
Africa we see a tiny church which may actually contain the true Grail!


The year 1095 saw the beginning of one of the great events of history as Medieval 
Europe looked eastward for new worlds to conquer. Driven by religious fervor, as well 
as the desire for wealth and glory, Christian knights met Islamic horsemen in a clash 
of steel and culture inaugurating what would become known as The Crusades. 900 
years later, Frank Klicar follows the route of these first Crusaders from northern France 
through Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Balkans, through Turkey then, 
finally, into the Holy Land. While much is changed, one can still visit churches and 
castles they knew and walk on the stones they trod upon as they made their fateful 
journey to the East.