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Scottish occurances

    Sunday evening we heard part of a talk radio program from Portland, OR
on which the author Steven Sora (that's what it sounded like??) of Hidden
Treasure of the Knights Templar was answering questions.  Much was said
about the Sinclair family like: "The Sinclairs have forgotten more secrets
than other people have ever had".

    One of the callers mentioned a person with Sinclair ancestry but with a
Bruce name that had made a search for the Ark of the Covenant.  Anyone know
who that might be?  Evidently there is much in the book about Oak Island.
Only heard part of the program.

    Then as we were walking out of the door for dance practice, I noticed
that Brave Heart was on.  There were the Scotts fighting fiercely.  And that
handsome devil, Mel Gibson........
 When we returned the narrator was just saying, "In the year of our Lord
1314 the Scotts met the English on the field at
Bannockburn.....and...they....WON!"   goosebumps.

    Next I switched to the education channel where they were building a new
garden for the Queen mum.  This might have been a rerun?  Don't remember
where but they did mention 3 times the Caithness stones used in the garden.
When she came to view the garden, the Caithness stones were something
special to her.

    And today came a devotional with a headline about the Scottsman, John
Knox.  Did I tell you that Scottish Electric is trying to buy out the
company our son works for?

12:30 A.M.  Time for bed.

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