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Hello my name is Rhonda Allison my family name is Sinklear.I
am looking for a connection between Siclair/Sinklear.My
grandfathers name was William Arthur Sinklear he married 
Harriet Alma Poor.Thay had 8 children:Bessie,Delbert,Bobby
Jackie,Billy,Bonnie,Edwin(my dad)and Lola(people call her 
Dodie)Williams fathers name was Thomas Henry Sinklear he 
married Laura Martin they had 3 children Henry(died as a 
infant)Ruth and my grandpa.Thomas's fathers name was Henry
Sinklear( may have been Sinclair)he married Pauline Benn
they had 5 known children:Mary Jane,Annie,Nettie,Grandpa 
Tom and Odie.If there is anyone out there that can help me 
I would love to here from you.Thanks Rhonda rhonda1@socket.

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