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Danbury and Dabury

Niven has quoted:

"In leaden coffins at the Chapel at Danbury, five miles
from Chelmsford, were buried several knightly St Clairs
who had followed the standard of the cross in
Crusades to the Holy Land.

"The hill of Dabury in Essex, by the Thames, beneath London
is a landmark and a tower to this lineage, as it has been to the
World's greatest city, and its chapel will always stand fixed to
memory as something notable that has been.

OK, there is a Danbury five miles east of Chelmsford in Essex.

Is this the same as the "Dabury in Essex, by the Thames, beneath London"?

If so, there are some problems.  Danbury is not by the Thames and
is quite a few miles from London.

Niven?  Anyone?

Also, what is the source of the quotation?

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