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I have the Sinclair Earls of Caithness as follows (please let me know of any errors),

1. William Sinclair    b. abt 1415    d. 1482    also 3rd Earl/Prince of Orkney, 6th Lord of Roslin; grandson of Prince Henry Sinclair    m- bef 15 Nov. 1456- Marjorie (Mary) Sutherland     children- William 'the Waster', Oliver, William, Eleanor, David, Robert, John, Elizabeth, Marion, Margorie

2. William Sinclair    b. 1455    d. 9 Sept. 1513 (@ Flodden Field, the Battle of Flodden)    son of above    m-1475- Mary (Margaret) Keith b. abt 1461    children- John, Alexander

3. John Sinclair    b. abt 1490    d. 18 May 1529 (in battle trying to seize Orkney)    son of above    m- Elizabeth Sutherland b. abt 1488    children- George, William

4. George Sinclair      b. 1533    d. 9 Sept. 1582    starved son in dungeon at Girnigoe    m- Elizabeth Graham b. abt 1506 d. bef 4 April 1576    children- John 'Master of Caithness', George, William, Barbara, Elizabeth, Janet, Fnu, Agnes, unnamed

5. George Sinclair    b. bef 1543    d. 1577/1578/1643    grandson of George 4, and son of John starved in Girnigoe dungeon    m- Lady Jean Gordon

6. George     Lost title and estates to Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy; (great grandson of above    m- dau of the Marquis of Argyle)?

7. George Sinclair of Keiss    d. 1698   won everything back in court including title

8. John Sinclair of Merchil    b. bef/aft 1640    d. 1705    descended from a grandson of George the 4th    m- Janet/Jean Carmichael b. abt 1640    children-

9. Alexander Sinclair    b. ca 1670    d.1775/85    son of above, failed to have a male heir and so the title passed to a cousin    m- Margaret Primrose (dau. of Archibald Primrose 1st Earl of Rosebery)     children- Dorthea Sinclair b. 4 April 1739    d. 30 Sept. 1818 Hermitage House, Leith    m- James Duff Earl of Fife 4 June 1759 no children

10. Lord William Sinclair of Ratter    d.1789    descended from the 3rd grandson (Sir John Sinclair of Greenland) of George the 4th Earl    children- John

11. John Sinclair    d. 1789     son of above, fought in American War of Independence    unmarried

12. Sir James Sinclair of Mey    d. 1823    descended from a son of George the 4th Earl, received title in 1789    m-2 Jan. 1784- Jean Campbell    children- Helen, John, Ester, Alexander, Charlotte, James, Patrick, Eric

13. Alexander Sinclair    b. 1790    d. 1858/55    son of above

14. James    d. 1881 in NY

15. George of Mey    d. 1889

16. James Augustus Sinclair    b. bef 1855    d. aft 1889/1881

17. John Sutherland Sinclair    d. 30 May 1914 at Berriedale ranch in Lacota, North Dakota/ Representative in the 30s

18. Norman MacLeod Sinclair    b. 4 April 1862


20. Malcolm Ian Sinclair

I love all of this information but have little time to deal with it, thus I do not stand behind this info 100%.  I do feel that it is reasonably accurate.  If you have questions I can provide some sources.  When taking notes I don't usually rule out dates that differ, I simply add them as an additional piece of information.  My computer warns me when things are not feasible but two different sources can give you very different ideas when you get down to the numbers.  I would like to expand this further so please feel free to give me all you've got!


    Michelle Hollberg