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Re: new items in the web pages

Here is a brief update on new items in the web pages.
All of them may be found by looking under New in

As you all know, Jenny-Louise Coster has prepared some web pages in
New Zealand.  There is a link to them from the NZ flag under New.
Congratulations, Jenny!

Sinclair de la Behottiere and I have been cranking out web pages on
notable Sinclairs.  New ones include

 Sir Clive of the Sinclair PC,

 the Crusader Henry the Holy,

 Henry the Patriot who fought at Rosslyn and Bannockburn and signed
  the Declaration of Arbroath,

 William Bishop of Dunkeld: ``my own bishop,'' said Robert the Bruce,

 Harry of Sinclair Oil and the Teapot Dome Scandal,

 and Sir John ``James'' Sinclair of Ulbster who introduced the
  black-faced sheep to Scotland and thus accellerated the Clearances;
  there's a picture of him.

No doubt some of you have more information about these people.

Feel free to put up your own pages about notable Sinclairs.
Or to take over this series of notable Sinclair pages.

Laurel has provided many suggestions for updating the introduction
to the discussion list, which I have incorporated in the web pages about
the discussion list.

There are also some old items that some of you may not be aware of.

Laurel has reminded me that I may have forgotten to mention the series
of web pages about the Battle of Hastings, the Battle of Rosslyn, and
the Battle of Altimarlach.  Look under History and you will find them.

Don't forget the genealogical chart of Sinclair ancestors, which you
can find through the tiny chart in the middle of the front page.

There are further revisions to the Contents page to help you find all
these things.

The vast majority of the material in these web pages has been sent in by
various Sinclairs and others all over the world, many of them through
the Sinclair discussion list,

And remember: these web pages were never intended to be the only
Sinclair web pages.  They are more of an overview that should over time
increasingly use links into other pages elsewhere.  Send in URLs for
your own web pages; I will add links to them.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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