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"strange letters" and the Castle of Mey

>Is there some sort of "bug" at work.

Not in the list software.

>  I am getting these strange letters also

The specific line from that message that people keep quoting has explicitly
encoded in it a letter y with umlaut and a letter thorn.  Those letters do
not occur in (modern) English words, and are probably typographical errors.
They are nothing to get upset about.

The rest of Richard Lower's message is clearly legible, and says:

    Dear Donald: Andrew Sinclair says they were: Hubert Sinclair, Earl
    of Rye, and four of his sons, Radulph, Hubert, Adam and Eudo.
    Walderne, Earl of St Clare with his three sons, Richard, Britel and
    William.  He adds the Earl of Senlis, then notes that ``he was a
    Frenchman and not a Norman'' He says that ``it is not improbable''
    that Senlis added his name with his sons on the Roll of De Sancto
    Claro, but there is no record to support this.  Note that Hubert
    and his sons were Englishmen from East Sussex, while his brother
    and nephews were Norman. This and much more from Andrew's
    book The Sinclairs of England.

Several people have replied to the content of Richard's message, so
I'm not the only one who can read it.

Regarding Jenny-Louise Coster's web page about the Castle of Mey,
it *is* a photograph of a newspaper article; that's why you see
a photograph when you look at

Personally, I found it quite interesting, and I thank Jenny for preparing it.


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