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Re: "strange letters" and the Castle of Mey

John S. Quarterman wrote:
> >Is there some sort of "bug" at work.
> Not in the list software.
> >  I am getting these strange letters also
> The specific line from that message that people keep quoting has explicitly
> encoded in it a letter y with umlaut and a letter thorn.  Those letters do
> not occur in (modern) English words, and are probably typographical errors.
> They are nothing to get upset about.

Of course not but the point is that some of us does not get the rest of
the message, just the funny letters. As it happens all the time with
Richard's messages some of us misses out all the wise things Richard is
trying to share with us. Maybe Richard could try to type in his messages
in just plain text format.

Regards Lena
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