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Re: religion on the Sinclair list and web pages

Hello John et al,
I rarely contribute to this discussion list but have been following it for
some time. So let me put in my two cents worth. My religious beliefs or lack
thereof is no one's business but my own and my personal God's. And it is my
personal definition of what and who God is or isn't.
To quote the comedian George Carlin: " religion is like a pair of shoes.
Yours may fit you but don't make me wear them. And lets not go out nailing
shoes on the natives." So let's leave the religious arguments where they
belong. Within ourselves.
Brian Sinclair, Ontario Canada
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From: John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
To: sinclair@jump.net <sinclair@jump.net>
Date: Thursday, May 27, 1999 8:21 AM
Subject: religion on the Sinclair list and web pages

>I was afraid this would happen when I added the religion web pages.
>That's why I included this disclaimer:
> This set of web pages is a place to put information about religious events
> and dogma that affected Sinclair history and genealogy.
> Religion and politics are notoriously divisive subjects,
> so let me hasten to say at the outset that opinions from many
> different people will be represented here, and I do not confirm,
> deny, attest, or refute any of them, except where I explicitly
> say so. --jsq
>I suggest we apply a similar disclaimer to religious postings on the
>discussion list.
>Let's back up and think about this a little.
>There have been allusions to the Jesus and Magdalene parentage story
>in the book list in the web pages and in links related to Templars
>for quite some time.  Probably most Sinclairs are aware that that's
>what the Baigent Holy Blood Holy Grail book is about.  So the story
>is nothing new.
>It's also just a story, not to mention one that is generally rejected
>by most scholars who have attempted to check what that books says.
>There are also links to various Muslim pages.  Muslims believe that
>Jesus was just a prophet.
>There are also links to various Jewish pages.  Jews don't even believe
>that Jesus was a prophet.
>There are links to Cathar information.  The Cathars didn't believe Jesus
>was a human.
>There are links to Hindu information.  Some Hindus believe Jesus was
>an avatar of Vishnu.
>Then there are Buddhists, for whom Jesus has no particular significance.
>And that's only a small sample of beliefs that are out there.
>Should I remove all these links, and should no one mention any of these
>things on the list?  I think it's safe to say that some of them are
>considered blasphemous by some people on the list.
>However, please remember that none of you are being asked to believe any
>of them.  At least, I hope not.  Religious proselytizing is probably
>beyond the scope of this list.
>But some or all of the above beliefs are related to topics that are
>relevant to Sinclairs, which is why they are mentioned in the web pages
>and why discussion of them on this list is relevant.  This is a family
>whose motto is Commit Thy Work to God.  Religion (of more than one kind)
>is inextricably intertwined with the history of the Sinclair family.
>I, for one, see no difficulty with anyone describing any of the above
>(or other) beliefs or stories, and also no difficulty with anyone saying
>they don't believe them.  But I would hope that we can all do those things
>with civility.  And could we all refrain from overgeneralizations such
>as "All Sinclairs believe," as well as from overreactions whenever somebody
>does slip and post something like that.
>If we can't do that, Niven's idea of a separate list for such matters
>may be what we will need to do.
>Comments?  Opinions?  Suggestions?
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