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Re: religion on the Sinclair list and web pages


>P.S. John Quarterman, don't you dare absent yourself in any way from this

Now, Rory, surely I can be permitted a few days off to see my niece
graduate from high school. :-)

Today (Sunday) I've approved the backlog of requests to get on and off
the list (more to get on than to get off, as usual).  There are currently
215 subscribers to this list.

Tuesday I'll be back in the office and will catch up on the list
and on web page modifications.

Meanwhile, everyone seems to be managing just fine without me.

I must say that personally this whole religion flap was worth it
just to turn up the information that Rollo was involved with
the origin of the word "bigot".  That plus the many insightful
comments from you, Privateers, and many others, have been fascinating.

>  What you have done here is magnificent and what kind of family
>doesn't have an emotional uproar from time to time.  We must not fear it but
>only strive for honesty and a little clarity. You are a "Wise auld heid" and
>you are both needed and wanted.

Thanks, but I'm nobody in particular.

The Sinclair discussion list is what its members make of it.
Thus far I have been very impressed with what its subscribers have
done with it, and with the broad base of that membership itself,
across geography, groups, interests, etc.

Let's continue.


John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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