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[Fwd: George A. Sinclair]

Hi Juli

Being born a Sinclair and having a grandfather by the name of
George A.Sinclair,but not knowing anything of my gr.history, I am 
naturally curious of the George you are reffering to. Could you please
tell me what the A. stands for in your G.A.Sinclair. I would greatly
appreciate this.

This is what I know of my grandfathe,:his sibling's
are:Roy,Siebert,Pearl.There may be more of them but this is the only
one's I can remember. I have found a Pearl, born 12/18/84-died 4/65,
I'm not sure if this is the right one, could possibly be. I was about 7
yrs. old when I last saw her,which was in 1941.

My George was married to Antoinette Katrina Kuelker, they had 3
children:Almon(Al),Carrie,William Joseph(my Father).
Al married Helen??,their children:Alma,Nelson.
Carrie married Walter Dittmar:Ralph(only child).
William(Willie) married Dorothy Emma Lambert:Virginia(me)only child.
All of the above have lived in the St.Louis,Mo. area.

If any of this fits please advise.In the next few weeks I hope to
unravel some of my mysteries.

     Thanks  Ginnie(Virginia)nee Sinclair.

Hi Laurel -

I recently was reading a few volumes of Scottish Historical Review and came
across an article from Volume 19, No. 75 April 1922  called 'A
Franco-Scottish Conspiracy in Sweden' written by George A. Sinclair.  Given
all the recent Sinclair / Scandinavian discussions - I just found it
interesting to see this written by a Sinclair and wondered who this Sinclair
was.  Any info?



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