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New Clan Sinclair USA Web Site

I am pleased to finally announce that the new Clan Sinclair USA Web Site is 
now online at:  http://www.clansinclairusa.org

Although some of the pages are still "Under Construction", I invite all of 
you to visit the site and check it out.  Please send me your comments and any 
ideas you may have.  

To eliminate any confusion - the new site does not replace John Quarterman's 
pages.  He has done a tremendous job in maintaining these pages over the 
years and will continue to do so.  Paul Sinclair's pages will also continue 
as before.  We will be linking all of these pages with each other for easy 
access to all.  John was instrumental in advising we construct our own site 
and Paul was instrumental in helping to arrange our new site on his server.  
A huge thank you to both of you.

Please be sure to check out "News" for a message from Clan Sinclair 
President, Brad Barker, 2000 Celebration updates, and an announcement 
concerning Laurel Fechner.

Yours Aye,

Mary Selver,
Clan Sinclair USA
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