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Dear Jean,
               Good to hear from you.  I have been 'talking' with Margaret 
and asked her to send Mary and my regards to you both.  Sounds as though you 
are fine.  I am like you, in that I read with great interest most of the 
messages posted, but have limited knowledge of the workings of these 
computers.  I try each evening, before getting in our hot tub, to spend an 
hour on the machine reading the various messages.  Mary and I will be in the 
U.K., for a second time this year, in late July through mid-September.  We 
try and spend some time with Niven and catch up with his various endeavours 
concerning Girnigoe, Sinclair castles and of course Rosslyn.  The whole thing 
is so interesting.  Hope Margaret received my last transmittal re her records 
and mine.  No doubt I shall be hearing from her.  Good to 'talk' with you.  
All the best, Donald & Mary in San Rafael.  
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