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Re: testing a new discussion site idea-please read this

Hi Donald,

Any information you have on any of the others (besides my own g 
grandfather) would be REALLY welcome!! I find it hard to get any info and 
haven't been able to elicit a response from Niven yet (I'm hoping Mum might 
have more luck)!!

I've found a copy of the first page of the research you're talking about, 
amongst Grandpa's papers, but not the second page... although I tend to 
think that the research is incorrect regarding George Sinclair's 
parents.  They list Christina McKay as his mother, and hunting through the 
scottish archives over a 20 year span, this marriage doesn't occur!!  nor 
is there a birth for George Sinclair with Christina or Christian Mckay 
(even using soundex) as the mother. However, there was a marriage between 
George Sinclair and Christian Henderson, who had a son George Sinclair at 
the right time, and given the use of Henderson as a middle name in the 
family, I tend to believe that is the correct marriage and child.  Anyway, 
I've ordered George Sinclairs death certificate, and that should tell me 
more.  Would you like a copy when I get it?

Personally I love the research, but it's difficult to do from here in 
Australia! (as you can imagine) and am more than happy to photocopy 
anything I find and send it over to you to keep.  It's always good if one 
person has copies of everything!

Talk soon and thanks :)

>Dear Margaret,
>                      Your list shows the same siblings for Andrew and
>Charlotte as I do.
>I know nothing about any 'out of wedlock' births, but obviously your
>supposition could be fact.  My interest in this whole geneology thing is
>rather limited.  The research necessary is not my long suite, and I have just
>kept most things received from various sources in a file.  Most I have
>received from my sister Gloria in Salt Lake City, who, being a good Mormon is
>interested in saving all non-Mormon souls from purgatory.  The records that I
>have are probably the same ones you have. The heading on Page 1, is 'Sinclair
>Family of the Lappan, Dunbeath, Caithness, Scotland
>by The Scottish Research Society, 10 York Place, Edinburgh. Next line begins
>with George Sinclair underlined, and says he married Christina McKay in 1790.
>Next line shows, son George Sinclair born Halkirk 1793 etc, etc, married
>Barbara Gunn 15/12/1818.  Next comes a listing of their five children.  Your
>G. Grandfather Andrew was one of  those five.  Next comes 10 vertical columns
>with all ten children of Andrew Sinclair and Charlotte Calder, and these are
>the ten that you named.
>On page 2, comes the details of your family showing all of Andrew's brothers
>and sisters, all six of them.  Details of each family are shown.
>If this can be of any assistance to you, I shall photocopy it and put it in
>the mail. You could then ask me specific questions and if I can I'll give you
>the answers.
>That's all I have time for this Sunday evening.  Take care of yourself,  give
>your folks our love.   All the best, Donald.
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[ This is the Sinclair family discussion list, sinclair@jump.net.
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