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Re: testing a new discussion site idea-please read this

Dear Margaret,
                     Your list shows the same siblings for Andrew and 
Charlotte as I do.
I know nothing about any 'out of wedlock' births, but obviously your 
supposition could be fact.  My interest in this whole geneology thing is 
rather limited.  The research necessary is not my long suite, and I have just 
kept most things received from various sources in a file.  Most I have 
received from my sister Gloria in Salt Lake City, who, being a good Mormon is 
interested in saving all non-Mormon souls from purgatory.  The records that I 
have are probably the same ones you have. The heading on Page 1, is 'Sinclair 
Family of the Lappan, Dunbeath, Caithness, Scotland
by The Scottish Research Society, 10 York Place, Edinburgh. Next line begins 
with George Sinclair underlined, and says he married Christina McKay in 1790. 
Next line shows, son George Sinclair born Halkirk 1793 etc, etc, married 
Barbara Gunn 15/12/1818.  Next comes a listing of their five children.  Your 
G. Grandfather Andrew was one of  those five.  Next comes 10 vertical columns 
with all ten children of Andrew Sinclair and Charlotte Calder, and these are 
the ten that you named.

On page 2, comes the details of your family showing all of Andrew's brothers 
and sisters, all six of them.  Details of each family are shown.

If this can be of any assistance to you, I shall photocopy it and put it in 
the mail. You could then ask me specific questions and if I can I'll give you 
the answers.

That's all I have time for this Sunday evening.  Take care of yourself,  give 
your folks our love.   All the best, Donald.  
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