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We have been to the Scottish Highland Games in Costa Mesa for the last six
years, and the Sinclairs have always had a tent.  We plan to go again this
year, and I'm really looking forward to it, because I too have found my line
through Jean Grigsby's research, although I don't recall the exact lineage.
My great grandmother was a Sinclair, and I was always trying to research her
line to prove my Scottish heritage (my husband always says I just want to be
Scottish!).  Anyway, stop by the tent and visit with the people there...they
are really nice.  Have you been to this Festival before?  It's become a
family tradition with us.  Maybe we can meet there!  We will be there
Saturday; we always like to see the opening ceremonies.

Please e-mail me if you are interested.  Our address is:
yokers@prodigy.net.  We also have a website,
(http://pages.prodigy.net/yokers/ but I was trying to update it, and messed
up some of the pages, including my genealogical page!  I've got to get it
back to normal.  When I do, you can see a picture of my great grandmother,
Mahalia Frances Sinclair.

Hope to hear from you!

Pam Yokers

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>I can't remember if I have sent this request to this list or not , I enjoy
>reading everyone's comments.  One thing about the StClair/Sinclair family,
>all do seem to have opinions.  The saving grace I believe is the sense of
>humor that goes with the genes.  We are trying to find information about
>great Uncle Jim. He left Virginia in the early 1900's and kept in touch
>his mother by card and wire for many years but the correspendence stopped
>the mid twenties.  Vital statistics are  James Meador StClair,  b. 17 march
>1878, fayette Co. W.Va. Parents were John Henry StClair and Ada Phillips
>StClair.  The last card that we have found was from Coalinga Ca. area.   I
>don't see many submissions from the Va/ W.Va. part of the country. Possibly
>because the wonderful work of Jean Grigsby has taken our branch back to
>Alexander Sinckler who arrived in Va. in 1696,through his grandson Robert.
>lot of work has been done on this branch by my mother's cousin Lillian
>Blackford.  She wrote that she has nearly completed a book on this line and
>hopes to have it ready soon.  I hope someone has run across Uncle Jim
>someplace in their searches and we can finally solve my mother's questions
>about "whatever could have happened to Uncle Jim?  Thanks in advance and
>again I can't tell you how much I enjoy all the family news.  One more
>question, will there be a  family tent at  the Orange Co. highland games
>coming weekend?   Charlotte Gelis
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