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I can't remember if I have sent this request to this list or not , I enjoy 
reading everyone's comments.  One thing about the StClair/Sinclair family, we 
all do seem to have opinions.  The saving grace I believe is the sense of 
humor that goes with the genes.  We are trying to find information about our 
great Uncle Jim. He left Virginia in the early 1900's and kept in touch with 
his mother by card and wire for many years but the correspendence stopped in 
the mid twenties.  Vital statistics are  James Meador StClair,  b. 17 march 
1878, fayette Co. W.Va. Parents were John Henry StClair and Ada Phillips 
StClair.  The last card that we have found was from Coalinga Ca. area.   I 
don't see many submissions from the Va/ W.Va. part of the country. Possibly 
because the wonderful work of Jean Grigsby has taken our branch back to 
Alexander Sinckler who arrived in Va. in 1696,through his grandson Robert.  A 
lot of work has been done on this branch by my mother's cousin Lillian 
Blackford.  She wrote that she has nearly completed a book on this line and 
hopes to have it ready soon.  I hope someone has run across Uncle Jim 
someplace in their searches and we can finally solve my mother's questions 
about "whatever could have happened to Uncle Jim?  Thanks in advance and 
again I can't tell you how much I enjoy all the family news.  One more 
question, will there be a  family tent at  the Orange Co. highland games this 
coming weekend?   Charlotte Gelis
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