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testing a new discussion site idea-please read this

Dear Cousins,
    I have been concerned that there are people from the GUESTBOOK and those
just entering through the discussion group that maybe slipping through the
cracks because

a) each of us thinks the other guy has more information or time to answer
this one
b) we think our little knowlege is not enough so don't answer
c) are on vacation and miss the query then hurriedly delete everything when
we return thus missing someone we could help
e) You think it is someone else's job to do it
f)  you suspect that they were just cruising the web and off handedly asked
about grandma Sinclair but are not seriously researching and will not
remember tomorrow what you have painstakenly transmitted to them.  So why
g) you have copied certain passages from your personal books at your expense
numerous times and have decided to quit doing.---In this case suggest to
them where to get the books themselves.  I believe that if they are serious
the purchase of books is a small expense compared to the cost of time and
money to track down the information on their own. And the books would most
likely be more accurate.

    It is possible that once in a while, one of these new people could
possess the critical missing information that someone right here has long
waited to find.

    So here is an idea to help everyone.  We have a volunteer, Connie of MO,
who will test a site Host idea.  She will start out simply checking back
with the GUESTBOOK queries a week later to see
whether they received the help they needed
suggest where on the main website they can get info
Suggest further ways to research so that with more information they might
connect into someone's line
Suggest people among us that might be able to help further
Make sure their query is with Paul and suggest that they put their query
elsewhere-websites, and genealogical quarterlies
information on joining this group and joining the Clan

    Now here is where we come in.  It is hoped that we will continue to scan
the GUESTBOOK enteries as before and answer as we can.  Connie will never
know all the little hidden trivia bits that each of us has stored away.  So
we should give each query our attention.

    Are there people out there can offer their help in certain areas of
research?  Different parts of the country, of Canada, of Europe, Australia,
NZ, of time eras, Masonic issues, States, sacred architecture, Hudsons Bay
Sinclairs, etc.

    What other ideas do any of you have along the line of helping people
with their genealogical queries?

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