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RE: testing a new discussion site idea-please read this


I thought I would respond quickly to you in regard to your comments about
the entries that arrive here in the mailing list from the Guest Book that is
at http://kingcrest.com/Sinclair/GuestBook.cfm.

>     So here is an idea to help everyone.  We have a volunteer,
> Connie of MO,
> who will test a site Host idea.  She will start out simply checking back
> with the GUESTBOOK queries a week later to see
> whether they received the help they needed
> suggest where on the main website they can get info

When someone makes an entry to the Guest Book, they have the option to have
their message sent to the mailing list. If they check "no" to this, the
entry is simply entered in the Guest Book and nothing more happens to it.

If they check "yes" their message is forwarded here to the mailing list.
Then after 4 days they receive an automated follow up message. The follow up
message: 1) reminds them what a great resource the mailing list is and how
they can subscribe; and 2) gives them a link to the Mailing List Search page
(for example: http://kingcrest.com/Sinclair/dList_Thread.cfm?MessageID=3284)
that takes them directly to their message and a list of any replies it
received on the list (if any). So even if they are not subscribed to the
mailing list, they are still able to have the benefit of any messages that
responded to their post.

I don't know if this makes any difference in some of the ideas you have, but
I thought I would pass it on if it does.

Best regards,
Paul Sinclair

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