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Re: Scots in Sweden

>At 23:03 18/05/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>I've put your Swedish writeup on the web pages in
>> http://www.mids.org/sinclair/se.html
>>Is this OK?
>Great, but it was just meant as a follow-up to the information which I have
>been passing to Lena to allow her to trace her own family genealogy and to
>reinforce the European dimension of the Sinclair family.

My experience is that having some information in a web page,
even if it's an overview such as that, leads to more information
turning up from other people.

>  We came from Continental Europe (like many other
>Norse/Norman families) but we maintained our links.  Indeed, Richelde St
>Clair (the first Sinclair lady to be
>born in Scotland) returned to Normandy to marry her cousin, Robert of
>Prince Henry made frequent trips to Norway, Denmark and Sweden.  His
>brother, John,
>married Princess Eugene of Denmark whilst his son, John, married Ingeborg,
>the 'natural' daughter of King Waldemar of Sweden by Tova Little who was
>the daughter of the Commissioner of Rugen.  Prince Henry had also been
>betrothed to Princess Florentia but, as she died before reaching puberty,
>they were never 'bedded' which left him free to marry his  childhood
>sweetheart, Janet Halyburton by whom he had 13 children who, in turn,
>married into the major Scottish families - thus strengthening his own power
>base on both
>sides of the North Sea.  He was the premier 'jarl' of Norway by dint of his
>descent from the
>House of  Moere.  His grandson, William Sinclair, was a contender for the
>throne of Norway on the break-up of the Kalmar Union which had united the
>three Scandinavian countries for the first time in 1397.  This was all part
>of the (Sinclair) strategy to build up a Norse Commonwealth which would
>have included, Scandinavia, Scotland, Henry's own 200 islands in the North
>Atlantic, Iceland, Greenland, Markland, Helluland and Vinland in order to
>combat the growing power of the Hanseatic League of German merchants.

I'll find a place to put that, too.

>I must stop  otherwise I will go on forever.

Bet you can't stop. :-)

>In haste,

While I understand your time constraints, since I am also running a company
while handling the web pages, I want to say that I, for one, appreciate
all the information you've researched and the parts of it you're posting.


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