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Re: Castle at the Cross .. Anything New??

This note ties into the previous "psychic" inputs re the Cross at Nova Scotia, also my commentaries on the Zeno Chart as a "consciousness" schematic describing the Grail dynamics overlaying the physical "reality." This understanding is also the key to reading the Narrative ...as a mystery writing. Some of the addees on this list will not have seen my stuff but if they are particularly interested they may request what copies might have survived my computer crash.
These are my own (not psychic) views based on personal intuition (about 60% clairsentient). I completely and most enthusiastically concur with not disturbing the Cross site! This is not based on the reasonable requirement for responsible archeology, which should be obvious, but on the probable need for not violating sacred seals. Same as at Rosslyn and to avoid the serious error at Gizeh impacting negatively on all of human evolution at this critical time. Not a small matter at all.
Thoth has identified the Oak Island "Pit" as the most sacred in terms of the very ancient Grail labyrinth, et al, along with the Halifax church. This ties into the Long Island site where the Statue of Liberty now stands ...a large and amazing story in itself! However regarding the Cross, it is my strong feeling that this site should be thought of as an energetic matrix polarizing with the "Pit" or "Grail Labyrinth." In keeping with this concept I believe that Henry would not have wished to be buried in the Labyrinth site, it being too holy for what he would have seen as desecration. But he would have wished to be interred at the Cross. My second guess would be at the Manduk, "Westford Knight" site, or at least one of his bones there. The "right thigh bone" comes to mind in keeping with the TITAN Earth Grid for Europe wherein the "Titan" contains and secures the Christic mysteries at Rennes le Chateau. These keys and codes would have related to the "Olgive" sacred dynamics passed on to the Clan Sinclair (including the para-genetic Sinclairs) via the Apostles Nathaniel and Jachannen. The Knight's position and function provides the codes for the huge intercontinental Reshel grid system found in Europe including all the Grail core grids, Rosslyn being the key controller.
Henry was not the only one carrying the Olgive codes, most of the other expedition members did also, however he did have the direct karmic link with Nathaniel so would have felt the responsibility ..."blood and bone" as you say, and the responsibility understood only when contemplating the idea that he gave up his temporal heritage to return forever to Nova Scotia. Relics of other expedition members would have also been used in the Templar alchemy.
I have inserted a few highly potent bits of information above that must clearly not be widely bled into the jungle of the Racial Mind in its lower dimensional levels. I do think, however, that a number of Clan and para-genetic Sinclairs should know that there are some fairly large issues involved even though they perhaps seem pretty wild at first exposure. Perhaps there might be enough credibility at least to approach the excavation of the Cross (and Rosslyn) with utmost care and cooperation with angelic, devic and hierarchical sources. 
Continuing with the idea that the Cross site is the extended matrix of the Grail Labyrinth, The complex of buildings, chapel, cemetery and energetic nodes ...a unified matrix... must be considered as the primary Grail castle-temple for North America. This in keeping with the original intention of interring original Grail Kings in the future Americas, in the Labyrinth. ALL FOR THE PRESENT CRITICAL TIME IN OUR ASCENSION!  
I believe that ALL the seal-sites in NS should remain undisturbed, assuming that they form the effective foundation of the collective "Grail Castle" which is multi dimensional. True, physical humans have a dharmic responsibility to reboot the system and to upgrade it to phase into the present Metatronic acceleration. BUT there is a closely held orchestration and timing to it all, world wide. Or SHOULD be but for ignorant savants who exercise Free Will to screw the whole thing up! These systems date back to the Atlan priests of Ruta who installed the Reshel grids in Europe and Americas. The Templars understood the grids and employed them in the Marian cathedrals including Rosslyn and in the resonant earth grids. The Rutans, and the ennead cell Templars knew the "5th World Prophecies" that foretold this present time, prompting the vast installation. The Kosovo situation is the key trigger to the Prophecies' activation. Humanity is at a cross roads decision point: Transition or "Ascension" into the next and new continuum (Metatronic, full light) OR the hell of another whole recycling. A grim idea but Free Will applies. It is a matter of being able to accept and exercise divine Grace. That translates, albeit somewhat obscurely, as "the Grail" or the effective content of the Christic Olgive codes.  
And that is what the Cross site, within the larger matrix of NS and planetary Reshel formats, actually is. The best archeologists in the world are a danger unless they are working with the responsible angelic and hierarchical orders. Working, that is, with accurate communications and also with Grail consciousness that would make this possible. Do I expect too much? Certainly not. Its taken us thousands of years to learn it, the hard way generally; we have no excuse.
While I'm on my soap box I might as well throw in Green Oaks as an important time gate site in the composite matrix. I don't have my map available so I'm relying on what used to be called my "memory", now just one long "Senior Moment." The Zeno Chart shows the 28-point rhombus "L" Gate as the center of one of the two Grail core grids, on the golden ratio line in the other core grid stretching to NS. Multiplying 28x1.618 gives 45.3, the effective latitude of the gate re the Green Oaks site. To accurately determine the position would require having the Templar knowledge of the Reshel and Rosslyn's geometry. The "mystery of the 28" is still open but we are closing in on it. The obvious connection, one of them, is the lunar month. 28x13 = 364 plus the "day out of time" or Selah gap. The Rosslyn-Cintra-Rome triangle (Astara Grid) locates and combines the two orbits of Venus (260 and 225 days) which is more obvious when we overlay Leonardo da Vinci's spread eagled man on the grid. The Venus double orbit, itself a "secret" we also are seeing in Crop Circles, then locates the Earth's orbit and the rest of the Reshel grid for Europe (one of several). The generating Christos pole for this whole thing is Ruta at 49N, 29W over the Faraday Seamounts (former Rutan island group). This whole thing would take hours to explain, with graphics.
The key idea is that the 13th Ray/Aspect expanded 28 times, and using the golden ratio rhombus or "Eye of Ra" as Thoth calls it, opens up the whole Universe (several of them) and more. But only when the operators are in a Christic, Metatronic valence (quality of balanced charge/strength). Or restated: the Grail state of being. The Templars used Hebrew as a primary code. "28" is the word Koach translating "strength, vigor, to be firm, capacity, means, to produce or manifest, a large reptile (lizard)." This last might relate to the Shamir in Henrys' Arms which then connects into "guarding and preserving, watching" the European Grail Grid found in Henrys' Arms covering all of Great Britain from Orkney to Liverpool. The Greek "28" or Ek means "out of, from" and is the "Holy Separate" or Selah divine Essence beyond light, etc.. Combining the two languages gives us a sense of the basic requirement for operating the Reshel dynamic including the time gates. "Oak" is a holy tree but in Hebrew it is "elah" or the soul of El along with many other relevant meanings including "strength." The synergic unity of the "Elohs" (gods) gives us "Elohim." An understanding of the Hebrew alphabet code describes the "eloh" as our own magna (high) soul. We are the "gods" when we are in the El harmonic. The alphabet code describes the "EL" as a divine creation field shown as a Taurus sign expanded via a golden ratio spiral (using the protosiniatic glyphs). It becomes more complicated from there. This is a many layered situation with overlaying grids. 
It boils down to the admonition: "Don't mess with the place unless you know what you're about." And that means, to me anyway, the need to become a working team mate with the Hierarchy. This is possible and thousands are doing it now with varying degrees of efficiency. However, the minimum qualification is to approach this situation within the frequency range of the Metatronic Ranna Time Wave. In elementary terms this equates with "Christ Consciousness." Nor is that too much to expect, its what we humans are designed to do. Its the Sinclair "thing."
Blessings Be...
Reference your note: 
 Dear John,  Yes I agree that the New Cross site should be preserved.  It is typical of the sites which the Sinclairs used for their Castles i.e. high above the sea and with easy access
to the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Fundy.  Cap d'Or has the fastest tidal rip in the World.

I have some photographs of the site plus plans which were prepared by a psychic who had visited the spot.

There can be litle doubt that Henry surveyed the entire area by triangulation - a method which was continued by Samuel de Champlain who may also have been a Templar.

As you say, there are red oaks on Oak Island and white oaks at Green Oaks.  Was this
a hidden message to let us know that the Templars had visited Nova Scotia just as Newport Tower with its 8 pillars (the octagon within the circle) gives us the same message.

You should get in touch with Bill Mann who probably knows more about this subject than
anyone else in North America.  I have taken the liberty of copying this communication to him.

As my communications to the Sinclair page are not going through I am taking the precaution of sending this to other addressees in the hope that this one will filter through.

Communication is the name of the game.  It enriches us all by allowing us to share the many facets of our wonderful heritage.