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Re: Castle at the Cross .. Anything New??

Dear John,  Yes I agree that the New Cross site should be preserved.  It is typical of the sites which the Sinclairs used for their Castles i.e. high above the sea and with easy access
to the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Fundy.  Cap d'Or has the fastest tidal rip in the World.

I have some photographs of the site plus plans which were prepared by a psychic who had visited the spot.

There can be litle doubt that Henry surveyed the entire area by triangulation - a method which was continued by Samuel de Champlain who may also have been a Templar.

As you say, there are red oaks on Oak Island and white oaks at Green Oaks.  Was this
a hidden message to let us know that the Templars had visited Nova Scotia just as Newport Tower with its 8 pillars (the octagon within the circle) gives us the same message.

You should get in touch with Bill Mann who probably knows more about this subject than
anyone else in North America.  I have taken the liberty of copying this communication to him.

As my communications to the Sinclair page are not going through I am taking the precaution of sending this to other addressees in the hope that this one will filter through.

Communication is the name of the game.  It enriches us all by allowing us to share the many facets of our wonderful heritage.

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