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Re: McNokairds--two camps?l Argyll Sinclairs

Hello Karen and other " Cousins " on the list --

Just a reminder that the areas that you are listing " proofs " from ,  are 
during the time period and in the heart of the homeland  of , in many cases , 

That is to say ,  those having the MACGREGOR last name were forced by law to 
use any surname available other than their own !!!

I had posted an article some time ago titled " Sinclair as an Alias . !!

To establish any case at all for a name transition you will have to use a 
time period for " Proof " before 1600 .

Just for reference , I am a Sinclair on my maternal side and a Magregor sept 
on my paternal , so I am very aware of the histories of both clans .

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