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Forgot to add in my last posting , that for those who may not know ,  the 
MACGREGORS were most certainly a Highland Clan from the east bank of LOCH 
LOMOND and other nearby areas .

I suspect that many are also not aware that there is a majority ?? of our 
ancestry from the two peoples mentioned in the subject line i.e.  SARMATIANS 
AND SCYTHIANS . These peoples may ?? also be the ancestors of the BERBERS and 
the BASQUES  ??   Even some Biblical passages mention them !!!

 The Sarmatians were the inventors of chain mail and more importantly , the 
stirrup on saddles which allowed a warrior using a spear to remain seated 
after contact with another mounted warrior or foot soldier . The Sarmations 
were the " heavy calvary "
for one of the ROMAN Legions and were stationed in the area of the GODODIN 
on the border between the BRITONS  and the PICTS .

Both these peoples were from the regions north and northeast of the Black Sea 

To the east of these peoples were the Cimmerians made famous in the novels of 
ROBERT E. HOWARD i.e.  Conan the Barbarian   !!!

It is interesting to note that the " clans " were aware of this and even 
PRINCE HENRY SINCLAIR did not disput this origin .

I would guess that this is sufficient " food for thought " at this time for 
our list members to " chew on " .

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