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Re: MacGregors

Joe Greigg,
I would like to hear more about the MacGregor Proscription and it's time frame in history.  Weren't the MacGregors the clan or family forced out of Arygll by the Campbells sometime in the 1400s?  Am I even close?  Please tell me more...
Karen M
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Date: Friday, May 14, 1999 1:54 PM
Subject: Re: McNokairds--two camps?l Argyll Sinclairs

Hello Karen and other " Cousins " on the list --

Just a reminder that the areas that you are listing " proofs " from ,  are
during the time period and in the heart of the homeland  of , in many cases ,

That is to say ,  those having the MACGREGOR last name were forced by law to
use any surname available other than their own !!!

I had posted an article some time ago titled " Sinclair as an Alias . !!

To establish any case at all for a name transition you will have to use a
time period for " Proof " before 1600 .

Just for reference , I am a Sinclair on my maternal side and a Magregor sept
on my paternal , so I am very aware of the histories of both clans .

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