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William Sinclair

For Jenny-Louise:  I gave you information about Wick, but neglected to respond to your inquiry about William.  I have plenty of Sinclairs who were born all around Wick, but for the year you gave me - 1822 - the only thing I have is my own g-grandfather, James Richard Munro Sinclair, born in 1822 in Edinburgh. Failing tofind a farmer named James in my line, I checked the children of my ancestors in Dun, but the only William was of Brabsterdorran.  My sources don't tell me much about the sons and their offspring, but I'll bet you could find out something through the Caithness sources I gave you.  There's more information about "city" people as a rule and 1822 isn't that far back, amd I seem to recal that Wick has some pretty good data sources for birth, marriage, and deaths of their town people.
Ray Lower